Specialty Moving


Sitterly Movers has moved just about every kind of home, business, and item you can imagine. From highly delicate lab equipment to priceless Van Gogh artwork to the Statue of Liberty’s torch, Sitterly has successfully moved it. (And looked good doing it.)


We own specialized moving equipment and trucks for safe relocation. We will work together to create a personalized plan for your specialty move.



+ Piano Moving

Our movers are trained in the proper handling and transportation of pianos. We will use the appropriate equipment and wrapping is used to protect each instrument and flooring. We can even remove and reassemble the legs, pedals, lid, and music rack for grand pianos.

+ Commercial Moving

Each year Sitterly Movers quickly and efficiently relocates hundreds of offices, schools, and businesses throughout the Northeast. During our 89 years, we have encountered every type of move in every type on working condition. From building demolition, to moving 1,000 lb safes, Sitterly has the experience and the know-how. The typical mover deals mainly with household goods and only rarely handles office equipment and furnishings. Sitterly Movers has more experience, specialized trucks, and equipment for office moving than any other moving company in the Pioneer Valley.

+ Municipal Moving

Sitterly Movers is an approved service provider under Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC). The MHEC is the premier source for regionalized New England group purchasing in the United States. The MHEC designates businesses practicing in a trustworthy and professional manner. Businesses chosen to be partners of the MHEC are those with the highest quality of services, products, and reputations.

+ Laboratory Moving

Massachusetts houses some of the most distinguished healthcare laboratories and university labs in the world. We are honored to have been called upon to move their specialty equipment and their personnel so that the work can keep moving forward. Give us a call to talk about your move and how we can help you plan for this complex event.

+ Library Moving

Sitterly Movers has moved more than 200 libraries throughout New England since 1968. Whether you have 10,000 volumes or over 1,000,000 volumes, we have successfully moved a library of comparable size in the past, and are fully-equipped and able to perform your library move as well.

We own specialized moving equipment for the relocation of libraries including: library carts, tub crates, commercial bins, and tote cartons. A customized plan best suited to your library’s individual needs, and your specific preferences, will dictate the moving system and types of equipment to be utilized for your library’s relocation. We are pleased to provide the following services:

  • Budgeting and bid specifications
  • Installation of new or existing shelving
  • Shelf-to-shelf moves
  • Integration and volume-shifting
  • Hand-dusting and vacuuming
  • Moving library furniture and equipment
  • Color-coding and labeling shelf lists
  • Fill-ratio computations

Our experienced crews have been involved with relocating priceless artifacts and securing them in museum storage. We have transported hundreds of artifacts without incident. Our crews are required to wear gloves on museum and art gallery jobs in order to reduce the risk of damage of any piece of work. If you are the curator at a museum or gallery, contact us to discuss the details for your relocation.


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