Professional Packing Services

Sitterly Movers can plan your entire move with no detail left unaddressed, leaving you time to focus on the transition to your new home. Consider having our moving professionals pack for you because your possessions deserve the best care available. We'll bring the boxes, paper, shrink wrap, and tape. You sit back and relax while our experts pack things up the right way.

If you decide to do some or all of your own packing, your Sitterly Movers relocation specialist can set you up with all the moving supplies you need at a nominal cost, along with valuable moving tips.

Moving Materials Available for Purchase

Book Box

Small box

18”x12”x12” or 1.5 cubic ft.
Can hold up to 65 lbs.

Good For: Books, files, magazines, photo albums, canned goods, hand tools, and any other small dense items.

$2.00 each

Dish Pack

18”x18”x28” double corrugated cardboard box. The double corrugated walls allow it to withstand weights in excess of 70 Lbs.

Good For: Dinner Place Settings, Stemware, Crystal, Glassware, Figurines, Table Lamps, Vases, and pictures smaller than 15”x15”.

$5.50 each

Mattress Cartons

Mattress carton

A mattress carton comes in a variety of sizes, depending on what you need.

Good For: Crib, Twin, Full, Queen, and King sized mattresses.

$6.50 - $13.50 each (depending on size of mattress)


Medium box

18”x18”x16” or 3.1 cubic ft.
Can hold up to 50 lbs.

Good For: Dishes, pots and pans, small breakables, small kitchen appliances, small lampshades, and small miscellaneous items.

$2.50 each



24”x 21”x 47”, can hold up to 2 linear ft. of hanging clothes. Helps avoid the wrinkling in addition to protecting hanging clothes.

Good For: Hanging Clothes, shoes, hanging drapes, and miscellaneous closet items.

$12.00 each

Large Box

Large box

18”x18”x24” or 4.5 Cubic ft. Can hold up to 50 lbs.

Good For: Pots and pans, kitchen appliances, clothes, bedding, medium lampshades, and children’s Toys.

$3.50 each

Mirror Picture Box

Mirror box

Can fit pictures, artwork, TVs, or glass up to 40”x 60”x 2”.


Good For: Televisions, Artwork, Mirrors, Pictures, Marble Tops, and glass tops.

$8.00 each

Packing Tape

Packing Tape

Each roll is 55 yards and is made specifically for packing.

$1.75 per roll

A single call to your Sitterly Relocation Specialist will allow them to coordinate all the move details. To request information, call us at 1-800-533-1171 or use our online estimate request form. We have three locations in Western MA: Springfield, South Deerfield, and Northampton.