Office Moving Tips


Tips For Successful Office Moves

1. New Office Floor Plans

  • Provide Sitterly Movers with new location floor plans.
  • Post floor plans at several locations in new facility.
  • Each office and work station should be numbered and color-coded on the floor plan and at the new facility.

2. Labeling

  • Use Sitterly Movers’ color-coded labels – we have these in 10 colors.
  • Every item to be moved must have a label. If it has no label, it does not move.
  • If an item must be dismantled to be moved, be sure to label all the parts

3. Tote Cartons or Plastic Crates

  • Your Sitterly Move coordinator will help determine which system is best for your move.
  • Do not overfill cartons as they will be stacked when they are moved.

4. Desks

  • Pack all contents of desks and items on top of desks.
  • Place small items such as paper clips, rubber bands, etc. in an envelope before packing.
  • Place labels on the desktop and on the carton (or crate) used for packing.

5. Office Machines

  • Computers – Each component of the computer should be disconnected and labeled. Place all cables, cover, and small parts in a moving crate, carton, or Computer Bag; label the container. Sitterly Movers will blanket wrap the larger computer hardware (CPUs, Terminal, Printers, etc.) and transport them via carts specifically designed for moving computers.
  • Copiers – Check with your service vendor. They may need to service your copier to prepare it prior to being moved. Many copiers risk serious damage if not properly serviced in advance to enable them to be safely moved.

6. File Cabinets

  • Vertical files can be moved “full” with their files remaining intact in the cabinets.
  • Lateral files must be emptied prior to being moved, and their contents need to be packed and labeled, too.

7. Storage Cabinets

  • Storage cabinets need to be emptied. Pack the contents in labeled plastic crates or cartons.

8. Bookcases

  • Remove books and pack in labeled plastic crates or cartons.


A single call to your Sitterly Relocation Specialist will allow them to coordinate all the move details. To request information, call us at 1-800-533-1171 or use our online estimate request form. We have three locations in Western MA: Springfield, South Deerfield, and Northampton.

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