Commercial Moving Materials

Commercial Bin

A Commercial Bin is a 48”x 24”x 28” container used for moving and storing miscellaneous items.

Good For: Computers, Printers, Electronics, Pictures, Small Boxes, other miscellaneous items.
Cost: $21.00

Library Cart

A library Cart is a 12 linear foot rolling bookshelf.

Good For: Books, Files, Magazines, and board games.
Rental Cost per Cart: $10.00 /Weekly

Letter Tote

A Letter Tote is a 24”x 12”x 10” commercial moving box. Build to be stacked, the Letter tote requires to assembly and can hold over 100 Lbs. of materials.

Good For: Files, Books, Paperwork, Personal items, and Office Supplies.
Cost: $3.25

Plastic Crate

The Sitterly Blue Box is a 27”x 16”x 12” plastic, stackable, rentable moving crate. Equipped with 4-wheeled- dolly, they are designed to be stacked in fours. Being made of plastic means there is no assembly required which save on time; a valuable commodity when organizing a move.

Good For: Dishes, Books, Pictures, Breakables, canned Goods, and Tools.
Rental Cost per Crate: $3.00 biweekly
Delivery fee: $30 (per delivery)
Pick-up fee: $30 (per pick-up)

Keyboard Bags

Keyboard Bags are made to hold lose computer components.

Good For: Keyboards, Mouse, Speakers, Loose Wires, and miscellaneous desk clutter.
Cost: $2.00 per Bag

Monitor Bags

Monitor bags are made to protect computer monitors during transport. They are made of bubble wrap and made to fit any size computer monitor.

Good For: Computer Monitors, small Televisions, small pictures.
Cost: $2.00 per Bag

Moving Labels

Moving Labels come in packs of 500. They are used to identify what particular item is going and to where it is moving too. Moving Label come in 10 Different Colors: Red, Orange, Black, Blue, Pink, Grey, Green, Brown, Yellow, and Purple.

Good For: Desks, Filing Cabinets, Tables, Boxes, Commercial Bins, and anything that is going to be moved.
Cost: $20.00 per Pack