History of Sitterly Movers

Roger Sitterly and Son, Inc. is a family-owned Springfield, MA moving company with additional locations in Deerfield, MA and Northampton, MA. It was founded in 1930, in Greenfield, MA, by Forrest Ransford Sitterly to execute home delivery services for the Montgomery Ward Company, while also providing moving services to individual customers in Franklin County. Mr. Sitterly was joined by his son, Roger Ransford Sitterly in 1948. The company began devoting full attention to household goods moving services in 1951 when Montgomery Ward closed its doors.

In 1963, Roger’s son, Rod Ransford Sitterly, entered the company and assisted in expanding its geographic area of service. In 1975, Rod orchestrated Roger Sitterly and Son, Inc.’s acquisition of Anderson and Benson, a Springfield moving company with an equally high tradition of quality service dating back to its inception in 1917.

Roger Sitterly and Son, Inc., operating from offices in Springfield and Deerfield, has grown to become one of the primary service providers for the many academic institutions of Western and Central Massachusetts. This tradition started with the relocation of the University of Massachusetts’ Library in 1971. This move, the first of over two hundred library relocations which have since been performed by Roger Sitterly and Son, Inc., required fifty men for two shifts a day over a period of three weeks. The success of this relocation of over one million volumes was not only the building block of our library moving division, but the catalyst for Rod to expand this division to also provide museum, office, industrial, and high value product moving services.

Today, Roger Sitterly and Son, Inc., despite enjoying a strong reputation for providing superior quality service and holding a major share of the Western Massachusetts moving services market, is constantly updating its equipment and technology while embracing the most innovative techniques being employed in the industry at the present time. Our dedication to quality and efficient service, at a fair and reasonable price, is our number one commitment to our customers.